Monday, January 30, 2012

Who would've thought?

I was meaning to start this blog for more than a year now. Why didn't I? Hmm, too many overseas moves, baby in one hand and another on it's way (nauseous mornings, I blame you). The other thing was this big question in my head: am I going to reveal too much to people I don't even know? Probably one of the bigger dilemmas of every blogger out there. But I came to the conclusion while successfully stalking other fellas (did I just say that?), that I like what I see: one happy blogging community, meeting interesting people, exchanging ideas whether it relates to motherhood, art or cooking tips. And that's basically who I am. I love (almost) everything. I want to try everything. I am not wasting my life. One thing I say myself all the time: I don't want to live with regrets. What if? That question doesn't really exist in my head. So here I am. Having another (WHAT IF is not in my system) moment.