Friday, May 11, 2012

From around the world

Books, books and more books.. who doesn't love them? One of my favorite places to go and rest are libraries. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about them. Even though there is not as much time as it used to be before I had kids, I still manage to find a minute or two to just sit down, relax and read a few pages every now and then. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, whether you are reading or not!

This video makes me excited to have a girl even more..

Cool app for parents

I really want this outfit for my next little traveler


Adieu to one of the best author of children's books

Cool article about marriage

Oh, this wallet

Song that makes me smile.

(photo found here)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My mother

Is my best friend. She filled every single gap of my insecurities with love and understanding. I don't remember a moment when she wasn't there for me. But I often think of all the work she has done for us kids. One of the things I am grateful the most is that she stayed at home with us, it gave me such feel of safety and comfort that I never felt lonely.
Moments I treasure: sitting in her bed at 3am, snacking on salami and pickles, just because we felt like it. Or when I was leaving for college every Sunday, she waited at the bus station with me with a bag full of food so I could survive another week. And I can't forget our intimate shopping trips, picking out clothes and trying them on.. laughing. Oh my, how I love those trips!
I love her very much and am thankful that she taught me how to love endlessly and with all my heart.
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day, make sure you make you mothers feel loved the way they deserve to be!

(picture of my mother, love the way she dressed!)