Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jonathan Adler - my favorite picks

Today I picked my favorites from fabulous designer Jonathan Adler. I love his design, so simple yet brilliant.
Which one do you like the most?
  1. Classic Bargello stitch pattern pillow.
  2. Jet set coasters.
  3. Glass baboon statue.
  4. Giraffe lamp.
  5. Ink pen.
  6. A gorgeous whale bookends.
  7. La mariniere pouch.

This is not a sponsored post. I simply adore Jonathan Adler:)

Monday, April 29, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? I am trying not to think about my mom's last days here. Instead of that, I am focusing on every single second I spend with her. On the weekend we were cruising the oh so beautiful San Diego and enjoying the gorgeous weather. I have to pinch myself, how lucky am I to live in such a lovely place?
If somebody said 2013 is going to be the year of lot of changes, they were probably thinking of our family. I can't even wrap my head around what is going to happen soon, even though I keep telling myself that every change is always for better. And yes, if you knew our family, nothing should surprise you anymore, we like to live anything but ordinary life. I will end with this quote that fits us the best at this moment: "Don't be afraid of change. You may loose something good but you may gain something better".
Have an amazing week!

I like this cute blog.

I am seriously thinking about this SHARED idea.


Fire roasted tomato and mushroom soup with rosemary.

Marrakesh house.

25 spring ideas for kids.

This sounds familiar;)

Love this Mother's Day poster.

Are you a believer?

Photo found here.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

You'd be mad not to check out..

Tumi travel scale. Before your trip, do you always wonder how much does your bag weigh? You step on your scale with and without your luggage, trying to figure out if you went over the limit or if you can add some more? Well, I have a better solution to your bag weight mystery.
A few years ago, we bought this little helper and I can honestly tell you, it works like a charm. You simply hang it on your suitcase and lift it up. It's going to save you time and money and it's a great companion for your travels!
What about you? Any tips that makes traveling a bit easier?

This is not a sponsored post.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY: Wreath

I've always wanted to make a wreath, not only because it makes me simply happy coming home to see my own creation but also because the wreaths out there are not so eye candy catching. Do you have the same feeling? So I finally made this one.

What you need:
a hot glue gun
a wreath (I bought a strawed one)
anything you want to put on it (Michael's has a great selection)

Just wrap the yarn around the wreath and use your hot glue gun to fix the ends. This is probably the most grueling part. After that it becomes fun. Use any decoration you like, again with the help of a glue gun. There are only so many possibilities and the resources are bottomless! Have fun!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tulip fields

The month of April is a very special month for a certain country in Europe - the Netherlands. Flower fields are blossoming with proud tulips of every shape, color and size that have been planted precisely a few months ago. Thousands of people come visit to see the colorful parade that seems to be never ending, miles and miles of  prettiness.

I don't know about you, but I've always pictured walking through a flower fields not very amusing. Well, until I've seen The Keukenhof Gargens. They are arguably the most famous gardens in the Netherlands and definitely the most picturesque looking. You can enjoy a walk through the tulip paradise that looks and feels like a royal retreat. I can only imagine the wonderful redolence that surrounds you there. The best part? You can rent a bike for 10 Euros and have a ride that definitely doesn't happen every day. Are you in? Hurry, the blossoming festival ends very soon!

Photo found here , here and here.

Monday, April 22, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? We got to meet our lovely friends at our favorite Greek Restaurant and just seeing them while the sun joined us as well, made our day more fulfilled. Oh, how I love good people in our life!
We also paid a visit to a Safari park, which almost made the day even more memorable: we were ready to go on a hot balloon but they closed the gate right in front of our eyes - because of the weather conditions. Oh well. There is always another day, right?
Here are some links for your entertainment, hope you enjoy them and don't forget to celebrate our Mother Earth today! Happy Earth Day everyone!

Photographer's girlfriend leads the way around the world.

My friend makes super cute bags, my favorite one is the gorgeous crossover suede shoulder bag.. aaah!

This video, that I found through Design Mommade me cry. What an emotional moment when she meets her former love, what an energy! When they ended their relationship, they visited the The Great Wall of China and walked each from different side. When they met in the middle, they said their final good byes and haven't seen each other until now. This moment happened during her MoMA retrospective in 2010 and she didn't know about him coming there. Now, tell me, did you cry while watching?

Travel apps.

Birdsnest eggcup.

This sounds awfully familiar.

Paolo Coelho's quote is just plain beautiful. And his new book is already out!

Feel like dancing?

My favorite Earth Day projects: here and here.

Photo found here.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

You'd be mad not to check out..

Do you remember when Polaroid cameras got discontinued in 2008? I was hoping for their return and guess what? They are back! This one lets you examine the photo before printing, gives you the opportunity to change the color tone and the best part: it prints in less than 30 seconds. 
In the world of everything digital it's nice to have an actual print in your hand. I'd love to have a special wall covered in polaroid pictures. Also, I love to take portraits of people when I travel and instead of taking their email addresses, I could give them the print on the spot. 
What do you think? Are you a fan?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Montessori method - project n.1

I've recently started to do a little research about Montessori method. I don't necessarily want to put my children into a Montessori preschool but I like their style and most importantly, their intelligent way of teaching kids their independence.
I was pleasantly surprised that this method is very similar to one I grew up with and decided I will start to do occasional posts about little projects and ideas we do here, at our home.

When we started to do this first one, my son typically "cried" for attention and wanted my help. I let him figured it out and soon enough, he was working on it all by himself. He even came up with different ideas and  it became a fun little creative project.

As you can see, this was an easy one. Just take a picture of your children's favorite toys - cars, dolls, animals - and then print it out, bring the toys and let them have fun with it!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Waterfall restaurant

If you want to get an unusual foodie experience, you should go visit the Quezon Province in Philippines. While you sit back and enjoy your lunch, the water from the nearby waterfall will freely run over your feet as you sit at it's bottom. It will let your ears wrapped around the peaceful sound of flowing water and create an unforgettable moment. It rates as one of the best restaurants in Philippines and I am sure the food is pretty exquisite.

Villa Escudero is also a resort that offers very comfortable rooms and a museum that focuses on it's country culture. It is still a working plantation created by Don Placido Escudero, who as well created first hydroelectric plant in Philippines - Labasin Dam - that you can enjoy while sipping an early afternoon cocktail and tasting one of the restaurant's delicious meals.

Friends, have you been there? I wonder what happens during a rainy season?

Photos found here and here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? My mom, my daughter and I went for a ladies trip to Los Angeles. It was such a nice experience, just 3 of us, only the weather could be better. But maybe I should be more grateful, since most of my friends in Europe and rest of this country are freezing and complaining about the daily supply of snow. In April. Yikes.
I have some interesting links for you, hope you like them and I wish you a good start into the new week!

Beautiful outdoors decks.

I wish I could "renew" my photographs like that. (thank Kate!)

What a nice little project, not to mention your kids will be over the moon excited.

This bracelet is stunningly cute.

Safari is on my bucket list.

My favorite museum in the world.

Are you a fan of Montessori?

How animals eat their food? Hilarious!!

Oh gosh, these little lamb leggins!

Photo by me.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

You'd be mad not to check out..

Are you a fan of 3D puzzles or Japan? If so, here is something that might interest you. Muji is offering this creative pop out piece which you can build either yourself and use it as a decoration or just simply have fun and build it with your children.

Have a great weekend and I will meet you here in on Monday!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Green, white and red

Lately I've been experiencing Iranian invasion. I am a bit obsessed with Middle East in general, not something people can understand until they go visit and see in person (my other obsession is with Asia, don't let me even start on that one). So I was pleasantly surprised to constantly discover one thing after another one that has brought back the memories when I traveled over there.

First was Argo. I was patiently waiting after all the noise around this movie calmed down so I could simply enjoyed it. I always love to see in such big movies a bit of culture and was hoping that they won't just trash Iran to make big bucks. Well, first of all, I have to give a big shout out to Ben Affleck, who directed this movie. I have another level of respect for him. It was a good movie. It really was. The end was a little too hollywoodish for me but overall I'd recommend it. Needless to say I almost got a heart attack because it was thrilling from the beginning to the end, aka if you have a heart related issues, don't watch it:).

Second is the book Persepolis. I am not into comic books but this one was more than good. I couldn't stop reading it. It's about the author's childhood in Tehran during Islamic revolution. The book that is described through children's eyes is witty, funny and sad at the same time. Her family's determination to stay in country during the war reminded me the story of our tour guide in Beirut. These people are proud of their country and are willing to fight no matter what.

And third is The Color of Paradise. The director Majid Majidi, an academy award nominee for his other movie Children of Heaven, presents us an emotional story about a blind boy who uses his heart as his main sense. Beautiful cinematography will steal your heart as you follow his story and the story of his dad who struggles to find himself. It will also give you a glimpse of the beautiful country as you have never seen it before and show you the real life of real families in Iran.

What about you? Have you ever traveled over there? Would you recommend any book/movie worth reading/watching?

Monday, April 8, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? My mom is already here and it feels so good. I just can't stand the fact she lives so far away. My kids are over the moon, they love her so much. My son already expressed himself when he said to her he never ever wants her to leave again. Makes my heart melt. Ok, I am done being sappy. Here are few links for you anywhere you are, hope you like them!

Phenomenal architect, this woman.

Who knew veggies can do that?

Beautiful ring.

I so want to do a train trip.

Laughing out loud.

Love this quote.

Amazing street art collection.

5 indie movies worth watching (Safety Not Guaranteed looks pretty tempting).

This parka is wild.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

You'd be mad not to check out..

I couldn't help myself but to fall in love with this beautiful spoon. It would make a gorgeous gift. I bet that every time you'd take a bite, you'd smile at the thought of those engraved words. Actually, would you dare to take a bite or would you rather use it as a decoration?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Devetashka cave - daydreaming

One of the biggest caves in Bulgaria, a home to 30 000 bats and amazing place with interesting history. What  makes the place so spectacular is the fact that it has preserved seven openings, spread beautifully in a row, one after another one. It's letting the sun creates all kinds of alluring effects. I can only imagine how it must feel to look above and gaze around at the enormous space.
Even though it was discovered in 1921, archaeologists proved it was inhabited in the Stone Age and even once served as a military base.
If you'd like to enjoy a nice hike, you might like to start from the village Devetaki, which is 2 kilometers away and admire the untouched countryside, quietly accompanied by the Osam river. The cave is closed between the months of June and July, simply because the bats have to be left undisturbed. Their number went recently down and their need to rebuilt it back since it's a protected Natural landmark.
Have you ever been to Bulgaria? Would like to visit the coast or would you prefer to explore their natural beauty?

Another tip in Bulgaria: Rila Mountain.

Photo found here and here.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do you have a favorite toy?

By having a favorite toy, I don't actually mean YOUR own toy:). But have you ever get attached to your child's toy and would be sad to see it go? I do have one. Every time I see it, it makes me happier. It makes me happier, because there is a cute story behind it. And I am not kidding, I would probably shed some tears if my son would accidentally loose it.

The story behind this old, beat up yellow Porsche:
When my husband and I traveled with our son to Istanbul, Turkey, we immediately noticed the quality of people living there. Niceness could be the city's second name. After every single day of exploring and dipping in their wonderful culture, we went to relax into a cafe to have a hot tea or a coffee. The first day we stepped into the cafeteria, we became quickly familiar with the staff as they were so interested in us and mostly, in our son. They entertained him, brought him food (for free), candies, drinks and toys. And one of the working man, whom I'll never forget, gave our son this car. This beautiful little old car. He told us that he collects them, it's his favorite hobby. But this one in particular he's had for over 10 years and carried with him daily, simply for luck. After we heard that story, we didn't want him to give it to us, but he insisted he wants our son to have it. I am pretty sure the toy means to me more than to my son, but that's ok. One day I will tell him all about it when he's big enough to understand. It is priceless. It really is.
What about you? Does your child have a toy that has a special meaning to you?

P.S.: When I had to travel overseas for the first time without my family, I was nicely surprised when I opened the luggage and found that little car inside. Later I learned, my son put it there so I don't forget about him (which became his habit and he does it all the time - even if I only go to a grocery store, how sweet is that?).

Photo by me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? We were in full Easter mode. Too many egg hunts, bouncy castles, candy eating. But we enjoyed every second of it. We also opened the famous Easter egg surprise. My son absolutely loved it and I am pretty sure I will be making another one next year.
My mom is coming next week and I am overly excited and can't wait to see her again! Yay!
Here are some fun links for you, enjoy and have a great week!

Send your drawing and they are going to make a sculpture out of it!

The best looking food for kids, ever.

The beautiful Festival of Colors in India.

Planning on buying this book.

I can't imagine how long did this take to make.

Around the world with kids.

Andy Warhol and Bugaboo collaboration.

Who is the new designer for Target collection?

cashmere sweater.