Thursday, June 27, 2013

You'd be mad not to check out..

Why don't make your camera more stylish? I am starting to see more and more people polishing their look while taking their buddy for a walk. You can either purchase the sparkly strap here or if your skills are super awesome, you can make it yourself. Go for a full tutorial to this website, where talented Ashley shows you step by step how to make this gem. And if the twinkle is too much for you, go over here to check out this gorgeous floral accessory.

Have an amazing weekend and I will meet you here on Monday!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Is there anything that attracts human eyes more than sparkle? And if so, isn't the natural glow just the most gorgeous and rare thing out there? When I found those places, I couldn't help myself but share them with you.

1) Bioluminescent Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico:

(photos found here)

There are not many places where you can experience that, in fact, Bioluminescent Bay is the brightest 
one in the world. The beautiful glow happens when the growing bacteria is somehow disturbed, usually by a swimmer or predator. So every time you lay your hand in the water or jump for a swim, the bacteria creates a light show by using it's defense method. I've experienced something very similar once, but not as bright, in Los Angeles. It is spectacular. So if you are going to Puerto Rico, don't forget to add this on your list!

2) Aurora Borealis

I am sure you've heard about this one before, some of you have even experienced it. I've always dreamed about going to Lapland and watch the lights joining their hands, performing their most beautiful dance. Aurora Borealis is quiet, surreal and peaceful. The Nothern lights. Have you seen it? Did it fulfill your wish?

3) Glow worm caves, New Zealand

(photos found here)

As I recently posted an article about New Zealand and places I'd like to visit, I could easily add this one to the list. Located in the Waitomo region, this geological formation will definitely grab your attention. The neon decor is created by Arachnocampa luminosa, a gloworm species living only in New Zealand. You can take the standard tour and get on the boat that will take you to the starry night fantasy. Fun fact: glowworms live about 6 months and are are fed by insects that make their way into the deep caverns. Can you imagine being there? That is something I'd daydream about..

Monday, June 24, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? We were trying to enjoy last peaceful weekend before the storm hits as we are moving next week! Friends, I don't really like moving. And especially I don't like moving with two small children. But it must be done and even though we have a wonderful company to help us pack, it's still a lot of work. So please be understanding of my sporadic posting in the next two weeks.
Meanwhile, here are some fun links for you, have an amazing week!

There is something beautiful about this painting.

Another Foster + Partners creation.

Hubby and I enjoyed this movie. What a gem!

I am definitely trying this recipe today.

It's always sad to loose an amazing actor. My heart goes out to his family.

Look at this place! Go straight to the kids room and check out the steps leading to a magic hideway!

Beautiful pastel portraits.

Venezia in un giorno.

The cutest little thing.

Friday, June 21, 2013

You'd be mad not to check out..

This is a little unusual travel gadget but I couldn't help myself and had to share this weird but probably unbelievably comfortable ostrich pillow. If you are thinking what in the world is that, don't worry, I had to ask myself the exact same question. This pillow is supposed to be used on your travels, whether on a plane or train, or at your office?? (I guess power naps?) and offer you the privacy and comfort in small spaces. Now I am a bit confused here since I can't picture myself at the airport wearing this huge pillow on my head, that provides a hole for your nose and two other sides holes where you can let your hands rest. HA! But it does make me smile and to be honest, I wish I could lay my head into that magic hat right now. Zzzzzzz.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have left my heart in..

We all know this feeling. You go to places and they become a part of you for a second. They will make you who you are, they will help to rebuild your thoughts and soul. Sometimes you won't have the need to return and sometimes you fall hard for that place. And if you fall really hard, then you'll find out that a piece of your heart went missing. That's what happened to me in Thailand. That country stole my heart. What country, city or a place did the same to you?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 places I'd love to see in New Zealand

1) Egmont National Park and it's Goblin Forest. The park is beautiful itself, but the main reason why I would like to visit this natural wonderland is the Goblin Forest. I've never seen such magical place where the trees with their gnarled shapes create an eery feel. They are called "Kamahi trees" and because you can find them in one of the highest area, they burst with abundant mosses and ferns.

2) Tree Restaurant, Auckland. It's suspended 10 metres up a huge redwood tree and it was designed on a child fantasy of a tree house. I am fully aware this is not a tourist attraction or a magnificent landmark but I couldn't resist and it actually is on my list. The only downside is that it is not longer open to the public but it can be reserved as a private party for 30 people. I can see myself renewing vows there.
What an unique experience of fine dining!

3) Champagne pool in Rotorua was formed nearly 900 years ago by a hydro thermal eruption and it's temperature reaches 74°C. It was named Champagne pool because of it's resemblance of a bubbly glass of famous sparkling wine. The unusual coloring is mostly from arsenic and sulfide deposits. And I found it visually so beautiful it makes me want to go right now!

Photos found here, here, here, here and here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? Even though South California is covered with June Gloom cloudiness, we were lucky enough to steal some sunshine and enjoyed some pool time with our friends.
And of course, we celebrated the man, who works so hard for us, who puts his family first and who is continuously showing me what a great father he is.
We are in the midst of moving so things are a bit crazy, but I still managed to find some fun links for you to enjoy! Have an amazing week!

This would be great for my kids to teach them about the world!

Summer salad that looks yummy.

Some B&W gorgeousness.

Floral ice cubes.

Crossbody bag.

Obsessed with this song.

Awesome people hanging out together.

One place in Europe I'd love to be right now.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

You'd be mad not to check out

Underwater pictures or videos are always fun to take or look at and when I was trying to find a product that would work for an iPhone 4/4s, I was pleasantly surprised by the clear quality this case provides. It's waterproof to 100 feet and those three buttons allow you to push the home button, switch between still images and videos and also operate the camera application's shutter button. Very easy to use, just slip it in the case, close the door and go capture some spectacular memories!

This is not a sponsored post.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 trendiest affordable hostels

When you say hostel, the image in your head immediately portrays a dirty smelly room that must be shared with million other backpackers, right? Well, not anymore. The word hostel is gaining another kind of trust and more and more travelers are being surprised how neat, clean and organized is this kind of accommodation becoming. I found 5 trendiest, chicest and coolest places that will make any savvy traveler happy.

1) You can find this trendy hostel in Mexico City where all the budget-conscious travelers can enjoy not only the price but also the beautiful architectural mix of colonial and modern. You can choose to stay either in 8 or 4 bed dorms or a private room and the price is probably the best part: under $45!

2) Plus hostel in Berlin is everything you'd expect from a boutique hotel, except it's not. This hostel is fancied by travelers and the price starts at $20/night. For that price, you can enjoy a stunning pool and Italian cuisine that is served in their slick restaurant.
They have a special section that is called Plus Girls and it's a consideration to all of us girls, who (quoting their words) need a little more space, hair straightener and fluffy towels. They really are smart bunch over there!

3) Located in the heart of the city, Lub d (which means "sleep well") hostel in Bangkok doesn't disappoint with it's raw feel of the vibrant city. It's pretty convenient stay for travelers since it's surrounded by many shops, bars and clubs. In a shared facility you can enjoy free Wi-fi, luggage storage, movies and books. Individually designed rooms will cost you around $20/night. 

4) If there was one hostel in the world I'd love to stay, it would be Bunk, Istanbul. The decor is breathtaking, the atmosphere welcoming, not to mention that you can enjoy your own private jacuzzi on the terrace. You will never feel crowded here since you can choose either a private room, twin dorm or 4 bed dorm. Breakfast is included in a price that averages around $100. 

5) Jumbo stay. Located near the Arlanda airport near Stockholm, Sweden, this hostel is for someone who enjoys everything unusual in life. Or somebody who wants to try an outstanding adventure. A great idea came to life when they converted an old retired jet into a cockpit hostel and it wouldn't be the authentic experience if you couldn't choose the class you'd like to fly. The most expensive is the the cockpit suite located on the upper deck, otherwise you will pay approximately $130 per night.

Photos found here, here and here, here and here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

8 years

Today is the day when my husband and I celebrate 8 years of our marriage. 8 years. The thing I love about him the most (besides being an incredible husband and father) is that he is crazy as I am. Crazy about the world, crazy about taking risks and most importantly he loves to travel as much as me. He is the only one that can keep up with me. And the one who's been making me feel like the luckiest girl for eight long years. He's my everything and I love him so.

Photo found here.

Monday, June 10, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? My husband and I watched this movie and it was good. I am a huge fan of French films and I think my hubby caught the frenchie bug as well. The thing I like about them is that they are always so spot on, realistic, adorable and sophisticated. Don't you think?
Also, my friend paid us a visit and besides doing girly things like getting mani pedi, drinking wine and never stop talking;), we were able to include my man as well and spent one evening watching the Oscar nominated movie everybody talked about 6 months ago (note to yourself - if you don't have children but planning - you will never be cool again and you will consider yourself lucky if you manage to watch a movie THAT soon, ha). For some reason I expected it to be much worse, since the hype around it always destroys my illusions, but I was pleasantly surprised. I especially loved the acting. Every single actor gave a powerful performance. Have you seen it? Did you like it?
Enough talking about films. Here are some links for you and have an incredible week ahead of you!


I wouldn't expect anything less from her. She is awesome. And that sofa is my dream.

Father's Day card.

His vivid memoirs are amazing. Read about his new book here.

I couldn't agree more.

This skirt does make me smile.

The city of Samba.

This recipe sounds scrumptious.

Can it get any cozier?

Friday, June 7, 2013

You'd be mad not to check out..

I am a big fan of framing illustrations of cities or countries in children's rooms. I can picture being a kid myself and dream about these destinations, hoping I could go visit them one day. So when I found these little gems, I started to think whether there is enough wall space at our place. So adorable!
What about you? What kind of art do you prefer at your house/child's room?

Have an amazing weekend, I'll meet you here on Monday!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 places in China I'd love to visit

1) Hunan. This beautiful province has a lot to offer. Besides the beautiful landscape and admiring architecture, it hides unearthly secret that only brave souls dare to do. If you watch the video below and don't get dizzy, I'll send you a virtual high five.

2) Heaven's Gate, Tianmen Mountains. To see this naturally carved cave, you can either take a cable car or courageously walk 11 kilometers. After you climb what seems to be a never ending count of stairs, you will be welcomed be a temple that was built by the Tang dynasty. And if you want to see something very unusual, click on the video below. Jess Corliss decided for a bold move when he glided in 2011 through the gate in his wing suit. Adventurous enough?

3) The Stone Forest: This limestone formation takes my breath away. Located in the Yunnan province, this marvelous labyrinth creates an illusion of a forest and gives you the chance to wander through 3 different formation sizes. You can stop and see the Ashima Stone, which legends says was named after the beautiful Sani girl, Ashima, who ran to the forest and was turned into the stone after being forbidden to marry the man she was in love with.

Photos found here and here.