Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Easter fun

With Easter coming, I decided to show you some easy craft you can do either yourself, or with your kids. And when I say easy, trust me, it's really not so complicated. My little boy helped me as well and it was a great project for both of us.

All you need is:
balloons (any size)
stiff or a liquid starch
cotton or crochet thread
2 bowls

First, you blow up the balloon to any size you desire and tie the knot on the top. Then pour some of the liquid into the bowl and cut a good size of a thread. Try carefully dip the thread into the liquid and apply on the balloon in any direction you want. My tip is that you want to put a bowl under the balloon since there will be a lot of dripping. After applying multiple layers, hang the balloon for few hours and let it dry. When it's ready, cut the knot of the balloon and watch it slowly disappear. And voila, there is your egg! Happy Easter everyone!

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