Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bruno Barbey

Barbey, a Frenchman, born in Morocco in 1941. He studied photography and graphic arts in Ecole des Arts et Metiers in Switzerland and even though he doesn't consider himself a war photographer, he participated as a photojournalist covering the civil war all over the globe (Nigeria, Vietnam, Middle East, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Iraq and Ireland). He became a regular contributor at Vogue and in 1968 he became a full member at Magnum.
I call him the photographer of life. Somebody I look up to as an ultimate inspiration in the photo field. His beautiful images that speak all the languages and colors. He is a teacher of minimalist compositions and I admire his work that screams PASSION.
Enjoy this beauty, and for those who have never seen his work before, let me introduce you the one and only - Bruno Barbey.


  1. How "full" and inspiring. Thank you. K8

  2. Crikey, you are so right - those are incredibly beautiful! Happy day, lovely.

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