Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guardian Angels

I've recently read this article and it got stuck in my mind. Not because it was a great article, but it was a reminder. Guardian Angels. Let me put it straight. I am religious, I do believe in higher power. I am not sure if it's God (but that's probably the closest description of what higher power seems to me).
But I am also very skeptical. I never question my beliefs. But I do question the way how did humans find the ultimate version of what we are supposed to believe in. Is there really just one way? (or depending on religion, multiple ways:). Is what we're taught really the absolute truth? Or is there more to it? I am convinced we know very little. Something we hang onto to give us hope. Which, in the end, we all need.
But those guardian angels, or those strikes of light called souls, they are on my mind all the time. I want to know more. I am curious, have you ever experienced anything like that? Do you believe there is a possibility or it just sounds like a plain rubbish to you?

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  1. One calls it a work of a guardian angel, another calls it s*@# out of luck. Depends on what your belief is all about. I was never convinced to be a believer when it comes to traditional religions. Yet somehow there is something inside me what keeps coming up as a question "Are you sure?". No, I am not. I think I am somewhere in between.
    It is funny you have posted this article right after I talked about it with someone else. My view on all this is that we were given a chance to live lives on Earth as fully as possible. After we die, our soul stays within hearts of others. And who ever else did not get a chance to make amends, they stay as Guardian Angels - or whatever you want to call it - who's goal is to protect and lead our steps... I am thinking the One I got must be exhausted by now :)
    I wish I could repay the favors, knowing how is not my option though. So I will just add him to my heart. For always.