Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DIY Easter egg surprise

As I mentioned yesterday, here is the promised DIY fun for you. I saw this these Surprise balls here last year and was thinking it would be a great project for Easter. It's really simple and you don't need much to make your child's eyes sparkle with excitement. I can't wait to see my son's expression after unwrapping one layer after another one and discovering something new each time.

What you need:
different colors of crepe paper
a plastic egg
tiny teeny toys

First you start with wrapping the crepe paper around a plastic egg. I filled the egg with the biggest "prize";), so it will be extra sweet when getting to the end. Then just add one toy at the time, wrap the crepe paper around it using criss cross pattern and glue the ends. Make sure you always add a toy that fits the shape of your almost existing egg. Don't panic if the shape is not even close to what should actually be an egg. It's going to eventually happen after adding more and more things to it. At the end just put any decoration on the top and voila!

Another tip: use this as a swapping gift with your friends!

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