Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jungle bridges

When I was a little girl, the power of bridges fascinated me mostly because it seemed to be a representation of two worlds that were connected by this amazing structure. The feeling when I was leaving one side and at the same time wondering what was waiting on the other one was delightfully thrilling and dramatic.
And even though I didn't grow up near jungles, I fell in love with them shortly after I stepped into them. Their bridges are mesmerizing, freely floating somewhere above, fairily jiggling in the air. And still connecting the world, one way or another.

Those bridges look amazing and scary at the same time. Which translates: I'd love to walk them! What about you? Would you dare?

Cane bridge in the village Kabua, Republic of the Congo

Borneo rain forest canopy walkway

Jungle bridge in Langkawi

Bridge in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Bridge somewhere in Laos

Photos found herehereherehere and here.

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  1. These are amazing. My kids would love these!