Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Tunnel of love

In some countries, the month of May is a month of love. I couldn't think of anything better but this ravishing foliage space that lovers use as a charming passageway to make a wish. And if your relationships stands strong, the wish will come true.

Located in Ukraine near the small town Kleven, the local train formed this uncanny formation by going back and forth three times a day. It's known as the most beautiful place in their country and I could easily see that. I wish I could walk the 1,8 miles of  green magnificence with my husband. What about you? Would you take your sweetheart to the romantically shaped tunnel of love?

Speaking of which, make sure to kiss your darling under the blossom tree today! (a tradition from my home country).
Wish you a happy May!

Photos found here.

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