Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Devetashka cave - daydreaming

One of the biggest caves in Bulgaria, a home to 30 000 bats and amazing place with interesting history. What  makes the place so spectacular is the fact that it has preserved seven openings, spread beautifully in a row, one after another one. It's letting the sun creates all kinds of alluring effects. I can only imagine how it must feel to look above and gaze around at the enormous space.
Even though it was discovered in 1921, archaeologists proved it was inhabited in the Stone Age and even once served as a military base.
If you'd like to enjoy a nice hike, you might like to start from the village Devetaki, which is 2 kilometers away and admire the untouched countryside, quietly accompanied by the Osam river. The cave is closed between the months of June and July, simply because the bats have to be left undisturbed. Their number went recently down and their need to rebuilt it back since it's a protected Natural landmark.
Have you ever been to Bulgaria? Would like to visit the coast or would you prefer to explore their natural beauty?

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Photo found here and here.

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