Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Waterfall restaurant

If you want to get an unusual foodie experience, you should go visit the Quezon Province in Philippines. While you sit back and enjoy your lunch, the water from the nearby waterfall will freely run over your feet as you sit at it's bottom. It will let your ears wrapped around the peaceful sound of flowing water and create an unforgettable moment. It rates as one of the best restaurants in Philippines and I am sure the food is pretty exquisite.

Villa Escudero is also a resort that offers very comfortable rooms and a museum that focuses on it's country culture. It is still a working plantation created by Don Placido Escudero, who as well created first hydroelectric plant in Philippines - Labasin Dam - that you can enjoy while sipping an early afternoon cocktail and tasting one of the restaurant's delicious meals.

Friends, have you been there? I wonder what happens during a rainy season?

Photos found here and here.

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