Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do you have a favorite toy?

By having a favorite toy, I don't actually mean YOUR own toy:). But have you ever get attached to your child's toy and would be sad to see it go? I do have one. Every time I see it, it makes me happier. It makes me happier, because there is a cute story behind it. And I am not kidding, I would probably shed some tears if my son would accidentally loose it.

The story behind this old, beat up yellow Porsche:
When my husband and I traveled with our son to Istanbul, Turkey, we immediately noticed the quality of people living there. Niceness could be the city's second name. After every single day of exploring and dipping in their wonderful culture, we went to relax into a cafe to have a hot tea or a coffee. The first day we stepped into the cafeteria, we became quickly familiar with the staff as they were so interested in us and mostly, in our son. They entertained him, brought him food (for free), candies, drinks and toys. And one of the working man, whom I'll never forget, gave our son this car. This beautiful little old car. He told us that he collects them, it's his favorite hobby. But this one in particular he's had for over 10 years and carried with him daily, simply for luck. After we heard that story, we didn't want him to give it to us, but he insisted he wants our son to have it. I am pretty sure the toy means to me more than to my son, but that's ok. One day I will tell him all about it when he's big enough to understand. It is priceless. It really is.
What about you? Does your child have a toy that has a special meaning to you?

P.S.: When I had to travel overseas for the first time without my family, I was nicely surprised when I opened the luggage and found that little car inside. Later I learned, my son put it there so I don't forget about him (which became his habit and he does it all the time - even if I only go to a grocery store, how sweet is that?).

Photo by me.

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