Monday, April 15, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? My mom, my daughter and I went for a ladies trip to Los Angeles. It was such a nice experience, just 3 of us, only the weather could be better. But maybe I should be more grateful, since most of my friends in Europe and rest of this country are freezing and complaining about the daily supply of snow. In April. Yikes.
I have some interesting links for you, hope you like them and I wish you a good start into the new week!

Beautiful outdoors decks.

I wish I could "renew" my photographs like that. (thank Kate!)

What a nice little project, not to mention your kids will be over the moon excited.

This bracelet is stunningly cute.

Safari is on my bucket list.

My favorite museum in the world.

Are you a fan of Montessori?

How animals eat their food? Hilarious!!

Oh gosh, these little lamb leggins!

Photo by me.

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