Monday, April 22, 2013

From around the world

Hello there, how was your weekend? We got to meet our lovely friends at our favorite Greek Restaurant and just seeing them while the sun joined us as well, made our day more fulfilled. Oh, how I love good people in our life!
We also paid a visit to a Safari park, which almost made the day even more memorable: we were ready to go on a hot balloon but they closed the gate right in front of our eyes - because of the weather conditions. Oh well. There is always another day, right?
Here are some links for your entertainment, hope you enjoy them and don't forget to celebrate our Mother Earth today! Happy Earth Day everyone!

Photographer's girlfriend leads the way around the world.

My friend makes super cute bags, my favorite one is the gorgeous crossover suede shoulder bag.. aaah!

This video, that I found through Design Mommade me cry. What an emotional moment when she meets her former love, what an energy! When they ended their relationship, they visited the The Great Wall of China and walked each from different side. When they met in the middle, they said their final good byes and haven't seen each other until now. This moment happened during her MoMA retrospective in 2010 and she didn't know about him coming there. Now, tell me, did you cry while watching?

Travel apps.

Birdsnest eggcup.

This sounds awfully familiar.

Paolo Coelho's quote is just plain beautiful. And his new book is already out!

Feel like dancing?

My favorite Earth Day projects: here and here.

Photo found here.

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