Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 trendiest affordable hostels

When you say hostel, the image in your head immediately portrays a dirty smelly room that must be shared with million other backpackers, right? Well, not anymore. The word hostel is gaining another kind of trust and more and more travelers are being surprised how neat, clean and organized is this kind of accommodation becoming. I found 5 trendiest, chicest and coolest places that will make any savvy traveler happy.

1) You can find this trendy hostel in Mexico City where all the budget-conscious travelers can enjoy not only the price but also the beautiful architectural mix of colonial and modern. You can choose to stay either in 8 or 4 bed dorms or a private room and the price is probably the best part: under $45!

2) Plus hostel in Berlin is everything you'd expect from a boutique hotel, except it's not. This hostel is fancied by travelers and the price starts at $20/night. For that price, you can enjoy a stunning pool and Italian cuisine that is served in their slick restaurant.
They have a special section that is called Plus Girls and it's a consideration to all of us girls, who (quoting their words) need a little more space, hair straightener and fluffy towels. They really are smart bunch over there!

3) Located in the heart of the city, Lub d (which means "sleep well") hostel in Bangkok doesn't disappoint with it's raw feel of the vibrant city. It's pretty convenient stay for travelers since it's surrounded by many shops, bars and clubs. In a shared facility you can enjoy free Wi-fi, luggage storage, movies and books. Individually designed rooms will cost you around $20/night. 

4) If there was one hostel in the world I'd love to stay, it would be Bunk, Istanbul. The decor is breathtaking, the atmosphere welcoming, not to mention that you can enjoy your own private jacuzzi on the terrace. You will never feel crowded here since you can choose either a private room, twin dorm or 4 bed dorm. Breakfast is included in a price that averages around $100. 

5) Jumbo stay. Located near the Arlanda airport near Stockholm, Sweden, this hostel is for someone who enjoys everything unusual in life. Or somebody who wants to try an outstanding adventure. A great idea came to life when they converted an old retired jet into a cockpit hostel and it wouldn't be the authentic experience if you couldn't choose the class you'd like to fly. The most expensive is the the cockpit suite located on the upper deck, otherwise you will pay approximately $130 per night.

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