Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 places in China I'd love to visit

1) Hunan. This beautiful province has a lot to offer. Besides the beautiful landscape and admiring architecture, it hides unearthly secret that only brave souls dare to do. If you watch the video below and don't get dizzy, I'll send you a virtual high five.

2) Heaven's Gate, Tianmen Mountains. To see this naturally carved cave, you can either take a cable car or courageously walk 11 kilometers. After you climb what seems to be a never ending count of stairs, you will be welcomed be a temple that was built by the Tang dynasty. And if you want to see something very unusual, click on the video below. Jess Corliss decided for a bold move when he glided in 2011 through the gate in his wing suit. Adventurous enough?

3) The Stone Forest: This limestone formation takes my breath away. Located in the Yunnan province, this marvelous labyrinth creates an illusion of a forest and gives you the chance to wander through 3 different formation sizes. You can stop and see the Ashima Stone, which legends says was named after the beautiful Sani girl, Ashima, who ran to the forest and was turned into the stone after being forbidden to marry the man she was in love with.

Photos found here and here.


  1. I am totally mesmerized by the stone forest! Incredible. Kisses

    1. Gorgeous, isn't it? I wish I could jump on a plane and go see it.