Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Is there anything that attracts human eyes more than sparkle? And if so, isn't the natural glow just the most gorgeous and rare thing out there? When I found those places, I couldn't help myself but share them with you.

1) Bioluminescent Bay, Vieques, Puerto Rico:

(photos found here)

There are not many places where you can experience that, in fact, Bioluminescent Bay is the brightest 
one in the world. The beautiful glow happens when the growing bacteria is somehow disturbed, usually by a swimmer or predator. So every time you lay your hand in the water or jump for a swim, the bacteria creates a light show by using it's defense method. I've experienced something very similar once, but not as bright, in Los Angeles. It is spectacular. So if you are going to Puerto Rico, don't forget to add this on your list!

2) Aurora Borealis

I am sure you've heard about this one before, some of you have even experienced it. I've always dreamed about going to Lapland and watch the lights joining their hands, performing their most beautiful dance. Aurora Borealis is quiet, surreal and peaceful. The Nothern lights. Have you seen it? Did it fulfill your wish?

3) Glow worm caves, New Zealand

(photos found here)

As I recently posted an article about New Zealand and places I'd like to visit, I could easily add this one to the list. Located in the Waitomo region, this geological formation will definitely grab your attention. The neon decor is created by Arachnocampa luminosa, a gloworm species living only in New Zealand. You can take the standard tour and get on the boat that will take you to the starry night fantasy. Fun fact: glowworms live about 6 months and are are fed by insects that make their way into the deep caverns. Can you imagine being there? That is something I'd daydream about..


  1. So, do you ever have any contests, where the winner gets a vacation to the places you post here? Because I really want to glow-win (hint hint)!!!! K8

  2. This is wonderful. I would like to experience them all. I was in PRVieques but didnt see this. Maybe someday.great post. Marketa